Listening Exercise

This week we will have an in class listening exercise.  So there is no video to watch this week.


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Listening Exercise

Hi everyone,

This weeks listening exercise will be from the Disney movie Zootopia.  In this small clip you will hear two popular idioms.  This is a movie about animals, so the first idiom is about an animal.

The idiom is “the elephant in the room“.  I want you to find out what this idiom means and why they used this idiom in the movie.

The second idiom is at the end of the clip.  The idiom is “up my tail“.  This is not the original idiom.  Disney changed it for this film so that it does not use dirty language.  I want you to find the original idiom and its meaning.

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Naomi Interview Answers

Noami’s Interview

Naomi’s answers to interview questions.

1. Um, I mean I had fun playing but I was also very nervous and stressed at the same time. Um, and yeah, I think growing up, coming here, um, and seeing everyone lift this trophy when I was a kid, I think for sure one of my goals was granted.

2. Um, well I didn’t even know that she was here. Because I heard people yelling and there was like this screen and I heard people yelling but I didn’t wanna look up because I didn’t wanna like, see Beyonce or something and then start freaking out like, oh my god. Beyonce is watching my match or something. Um, so I wasn’t, I didn’t even know that she was here.

3. Like what he taught me?

Reporter: No, as a tennis player. What is the most important lesson that he taught you?

Important, Um,,. I mean it’s not strokes or anything because anyone can teach you strokes. I think what he taught me was, mainly, how to be more mentally strong. I think I have had a lot of conversations with my dad and it’s been a really long process and I’m really glad I think I finally understand what he is talking about, so.

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In Class Listening Assignment

Hi Everyone,

This week there is no listening video.  Instead I will read a short story in the class and we will answer questions about it.


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